If you have ever played Mystery Case Files then you will feel right at home with this game, The same principle applies as Mystery Case Files: You have a list of items in which you have to find all of them in order to advance freegamedownloads. The difference is of course you are on the Titanic and you have to make sure that your oxygen does not run out. This is a great game and I recommend that you all try it out thiz freegamedownload.

Titanic - Hidden Pleasures

This game rocks, putting it simply.
Don't compare it too much to the Mystery Case Files series, it's NOT the same game folks!

This game is a lot shorter, you also need to find hidden oxygen bottles every now and then, and the graphics are similar to it's Developers former games, but it's quite unique, as you are presented with quite a few historical facts reguarding the Titanic.

You are assigned to dive down and explore the wreckage at freegamesdownload of the in-famous Titanic. Each dive takes you to a different room where you collect clues, whilst being timed, until you surface and start the next dive.
If you should run out of time, or air, you will need to start that dive again.
There are about 17 diving missions all up.

There are a different amount of dives per stage, and each ends with a different puzzle to solve, be it a jigsaw, or matching a shape against an object in the room alainside this free games download.

The sound, graphics and gameplay are no less than what you would expect from these brilliant Developers.

Great game, highly recommended! Get this free game download here


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