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Sorry for the delay in updating, I was sick with the flu. Here is the latest popular hidden object game going across the internet in fame - Toy Chest Hidden Object Game. As always the games are full with no time limit hidden object games. You simply won't find a better seek and find game for free download then this one! Enjoy! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD NOW!!

This excellent and free unlimited untimed full version hidden object game - Egypt is one for your computer. Dozens of colorful rooms and puzzles abound! Download the free unlimited full version of this hidden object game right now -

How about the complete free game as well? You don't have to pay $ for it.The first Diner Dash was excellent which is listed directly below, but this one is just out of this world! You HAVE to DOWNLOAD this now! *** This is also the complete full version Diner Dash 2 which is a unlimited time management game- No need to shell out $19.95 for it! You will love how you get to choose which decorations you want for the restaurants and how we need to receive expert score in order to unlock the third choice. The new customers were great. What more can i say, you just can't get a better game than this which is completely unlimited full version. I would definitely recommend this game to everyone because its truly worth playing.

Why play these type of time management games? Well these are games that teaches you how to do Time management and to multi-tasked activities. The thing i love with this game is that, for people like me who wish they own a restaurant, this is a near reality experience. Even my nieces, cousins and sisters are addicted to the game...

Get your addiction to these fun free unlimited time management games started! Download it now! Click on YES then Save the file and run it!

Diner dash is my all time favorite game series in free time management games. My grandchildren and I both enjoy this game, you can play several options, such as career mode, endless shift in various difficulties which will keep all ages and skill levels entertained. We have challenges against each other. The graphics are not really realistic, but are well drawn and colorful. Kids love to watch diners eat various plates of food. Music is catchy, and is not overpowering to game play. No matter what age it is easy to learn and play, and has good replay value.

This version is the full complete unlimited game :) So DOWNLOAD it NOW before it disappears! The basic theme is similar to restaurant tycoon and you help the main character Flo serve customers from simple locals to annoying families with crying babies. I especially would like to point out once again that this is the * NO TIME LIMIT UNLIMITED FREE FULL VERSION * of Diner Dash. Just click on YES to install and then save the file and open it to have the complete game full setup!

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This excellent * Virtual Villagers graphic style * reminiscent 3D top down action game is a complete freegamesdownloads for you, no time limit or having to pay for it. Click on the download link here , then on "YES" and continue to "SAVE" the full game to your computer.

David vs. Goliath takes the classic story of history's greatest underdog to a new extreme! With sling and stone, and a crazy array of other power-ups, battle your way through marauding enemies to confront the tyrant Goliath one-on-one! Game Features: 30 huge levels, 5 worlds - Unlimited Play! 24 music tracks. 3 difficulty settings -- beat these and unlock Insane and Ninja Modes! Game tutorial gets you started.

In this beautiful match 3 eye spy game hybrid, you have to match the jewels similar to the great popular Bejeweled game, but with more stunning under water visuals and sounds.

I highly recommend this match 3 game due to the totally free no time limit nature of this game released freely.

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Mortimer Beckett and the Secrets of Spooky Manor completely captivated me from the first puzzle. This kind of seek and find game is what I’ve been looking for since Mystery Case Files. Like MCF, this hidden object game contain puzzles where players pick up or move pieces to make something happen. In these games, the puzzles are more of a guest star. In Secrets of Spooky Manor, the puzzles become the star. Only one drawback: It’s too short!

Each puzzle requires finding hidden objects — but not the normal way you see in most games. And this is NOT yet another seek and find game or hidden object game. Instead, you must find the pieces of the hidden object. A clock, for instance, could have four pieces for finding in the scene before the object appears in your inventory. Every scene hides the pieces of four objects, which boosts the challenge and cuts the predictability.

After reuniting all the pieces to recreate the objects, you can either go to the other rooms to find the rooms’ objects, try to solve the puzzle or place an object that belongs in the scene such as a putting a chess piece back on its chessboard. While nothing happens in object placement, it keeps the boredom away and makes solving the puzzle more challenging as you can’t easily figure out which piece goes where. Some objects belong in other rooms or the current room needs something from another room. For example, if you see an object needs turning off or on and your inventory contains nothing to fix this, it’s obvious the needed hidden object hides in another room.

Creating a game with a variety of puzzles takes more time than simply throwing objects into scenes for hidden object games. Nevertheless, I hope the Mortimer Beckett and the Time Paradox, its sequel (no date announced anywhere), will last longer and provide as much delight as any seek and find game would.Heck, I hope the developer plans at least two sequels! Unless you don’t like puzzles, finding things and solving things. Click here to DOWNLOAD FOR FREE the COMPLETE GAME now!

This hidden object - seek and find game is nothing short of stunning. I play these kinds of games often, and there are good ones out there and mediocre ones. Nothing I've seen comes close to this.

One of my favorite books is "Something Wicked This Way Comes" by Ray Bradbury. This game beautifully captures the atmosphere and mood of the mysterious and creepy carnival which is at the center of that story. In fact, the graphics are so amazing I found myself forgetting I was being timed while playing, as I was fascinated by the realistic storm clouds blowing by, or the lightning flashes in the background. The mood of this game perfectly captures the ideal of an old time, creepy carnival, in everything from the images to the music to the voices, etc.

Not only is it amazing to see, it's much more difficult that any hidden object seek and find games I've played, and the mini games are abundant and equally challenging. I'm a critical person when I review something, because I like to do what I can to help others decide the best game to buy, but I can't say enough about Madame Fate. It's the best by far of the MCF games, which is saying something.

Click here to download it but be aware that the file is huge, about 90 megabytes and will take a long time to get if you are not on high speed internet.

Interactive adaptations of Agatha Christie's beloved murder-mysteries have ranged from good to great (Death on the Nile). Well, fans of these casual games will be pleased to know the latest adventure - Agatha Christie: Peril at End House - is the best yet, providing many hours of seek-and-find fun on your PC. Click here to download it now!
You must help Poirot with this task by searching for clues, meeting suspects and most of all, searching for items in more than two dozen locations (spread out between four main areas: End House, Majestic Hotel, Nursing Home and Town). If you get stuck you can access a few limited hints, which reveals where an item is in the scene.

Unlike most other seek-and-find games, Peril at End House cleverly weaves in clues and other plot-related puzzles into each scene - not to mention the look and music are relevant for this story and time period, too - such as finding pieces of a newspaper which, when put together, reveals a clue or realizing it's a man's shoe that left a grease footprint in a garage. Hmm.

Players will also have specific tasks in each level, such as finding six toys and placing them in a beach basket or finding the letters to spell E-N-D H-O-U-S-E and putting them on a sign in the correct sequence. Some levels have animated objects, too, such as a mouse you need to find, who reveals itself briefly before scurrying off into the corner.

I'm a fan of seek-and-find games but there are so many of them now that some of them seem mundane. Peril at End House, however, is gorgeous to look at, fun to play, and never boring.

Fans of these kinds of games will no doubt find this to download to be of the best in the genre. Its pick-up-and-play accessibility, beautiful presentation, engaging story and great puzzles all make Agatha Christie: Peril at End House perfect for armchair sleuths. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD NOW!

This has to be one of the toughest and more challenging hidden object games I have played. Many of the objects are so well hidden that I ended up having to use all my hints just to find them.

Saying that though, once you know where they are, they're easy to find again like any typical I Spy games. As chapter to chapter, when you revisit a location, everything is in the exact same place as before. But thats not my only bug with the eye spy game...

The concept with this game of being an amature detective isn't new, but the concept of having to use specialist gadgets to find certain hidden objects is a nice feature. This is kind of hit and miss though. With some of the gadgets, like the magnifier, you'll spot the object easily. But with others such as the diamond detector, its still nearly impossible to spot a hidden item and you'll spend ages scanning back and forth across the screen for the object. The way you earn these gadgets isn't much better either as you have to earn them through 'mini-games'. Though there is only five levels to each, if your no good at a certain puzzle, you may never earn some of the needed gadgets. Another problem is, with only five to earn, you'll play the last few chapters with no mini-games to take your mind off of the seek and find portion. There are 'end of chapter' mini-games, but these are more hunt the item games 'like spot the difference', or 'find ten like objects'. The final flaw I've found with this is that some objects are so small or so well hidden, with the screen setup you HAVE to play in full screen to even stand half a chance.

A very high quality hidden object game. Great graphics, nice minigames, good sound but the music is to repetitive. Since I haven't played the latest MCF I can't compare, but this is a great game!

Storyline is good, and I love the gadgets, the one I had time to try, excellent idea!

I had absolute no problems with the game, and enjoyed playing it! It is worth the download, absolutely.

I can even compare it with Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile, but as always nothing can be compared with the MCF-series.

Bottom line: This is a high quality hidden object game! Click here to download it now!

Who knew building houses could be so fun and addictive!

This one took me by surprise. It plays vaguely similar to other strategy games or some other tycoon games, yet is refreshing and new at the same time. The main goal here, is to build a lot! Well, actually, you have objectives to follow, like building 2 three star houses, or achieving a certain rental income.

Speaking of rental income, most of the time you get money from rental incomes. Upgrade your house and your income raises. Need a lot of money? Put a house for sale. Need to build a Tudor but you are out of space? Demolish one of our
houses to get the an empty lot. There are other things to build here too, like a workshop, a library, a bank, and so on.

Everything looks simple and clean here, from the interface to the graphics. There's 2 game modes: career, the one you have timed objectives; and casual, where you have a cash goal with unlimited time.

Try the demo at least. As you less expect, the demo will ran out of time and you'll be wishing for more, like I did. So I bought it as well LOL!

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Absolute gem of a free eye spy games. The story goes as follows: Police are baffled by a series of unexplained cases dubbed, The Vanishing Files, which have paralyzed the city. Enter Cate West - celebrated novelist and insightful visionary! Help Cate find clues in this hidden object game, compile evidence, track down the hideout, and name the culprit in more than 75 intriguing levels filled with eye spy puzzles! Are these mysterious crimes connected? And what do they have to do with the tale of the Three Wise Men? Cate West: The Vanishing Files is an original whodunit that's filled with hidden object fun!

Get ready for a sophisticated plot with religious and cultural overtones! download this free eye spy puzzle game NOW! Click here to download this game

Play the part in this absolutely great free hidden object game of Leonardo da Vinci himself! click here to download this great eye spy game now!

Embark on an exciting life-long adventure through his diary, where you will discover great mysteries within its pages, meet famous people of his time, and possibly discover the secret of the Philosopher's Stone, which can turn anything to Gold! Don't miss the opportunity to visit the most secret places from da Vinci's diary as you seek out elusive free hidden objects in 14 stunning locations! Enjoy your travels in this absolutely gorgeous free hidden object games!

Wedding Dash is all about the Time Management Games fad - the story is about Quinn, a newbie Wedding Planner who finds out that planning a wedding can be rewarding and fun, although it can damage her own love life! You see her move from location to location as you help her plan every single wedding - from what the cake is, to the flowers and even the honeymoon location! Then there is the wedding party itself - you must ensure that the drunken Uncle is kept sober, that everyone can sit next to the pretty young blonde, that the music doesn't stop playing and that the cake doesn't tip over. There is very rarely a second to spare in this game! There are even a few quotes from the wedding couple themselves that will make you smile (if you get a chance to read them!)

Having almost finished the game (some guests are just too hard to please!) I am sure that I will be playing this for many more weeks to come! I hope everyone else who plays this game enjoys it as much as I did! Click here TO DOWNLOAD NOW! to enjoy it now!

First off, to all of you hidden object game fans, this is one you are going to enjoy. I'm sure you should click the download link right here, and you'll be glad you did.

The rooms are what you would expect from a good quality hidden objects game of this type, and the hidden objects vary from being relatively obvious to very deceptively concealed - often in plain sight. For the occasional almost impossible to find object there are limited hints per round that will point them out for you ("oh there it is!)

Apart from the random hidden objects in each room to find, there are also some variations on the theme where you need to pick objects up and place them in the right location.

Since this game is a murder mystery, the reason you are looking around these rooms is of course to find clues to help solve the crime. So some of the objects you pick up are also clues that you'll be working on in the between level puzzles - of which there are several.

But, finding clues and putting the pieces together is only part of it. You also need to interview the various subjects as you find these clues. This process is more a case of playing a preset conversation between Poirot and the suspects than actually interacting with them and choosing an approach to take (as in law and order).

Still, you'll need to play close attention to the clues and the conversations if you hope to put everything together. If you've played Bedazzled you'll have an idea of the sorts of interactions you'll need to keep in mind if you want to solve the mystery.

All in all a very good game, with lots to like about it.

Definitely a keeper.

Click here to find out for yourself!

This is my latest review of many Seek and Find games but I must admit that I am compelled to do so for this one. I have been playing all the new hidden object games, especially of the Seek and Find, Eye Spy Games, I Spy genre. But this one out does all other games of Seek and Find genre hands down. And yes, that includes the Mystery Case Files series.

Don't just take my word for it - click here TO DOWNLOAD NOW to download this exceptional Seek and Find game now.

The graphics are just brilliant. The investigation scene does look like an ancient ruin and not just any old scene. Besides, the objects are camouflaged very intelligently.

Like the graphics, the sound fits in the story too. It gives you a kind of dark feeling making the investigation all the more interesting. The sound effects are equally ambient.

The game play is excellent. Just like everything else, the gameplay is engrossing. The storyline keeps you crave for more and the as the mystery unfolds, you find yourself more involved. No wonder, why other people think it is short as they barely realize how engrossed they are in the game!

Now, let me tell you why it beats the other Seek and Find games hands down. When you played those "other" Seek and Find games, you were given either a list of objects or pictures of their shadows to find them in the picture. With a little variations and innovations, the game would become an instant hit. This was because there was nothing new in them. In this game, you are actually given riddles to solve and then seek the object. Even the hints section is cleverly designed. Ask for a hint, and it will give you another hint to bang your head on and seek the object then. The in-between puzzles add to the fun and so there is nothing you can do to stop yourself from playing it again and again. Trust me, this one is a must have.

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Today's game is a great free eye spy game entitled Interpol: The Trail of Dr.Chaos.

This is really an amazing new hidden object games. Incredibly addictive but easy and fun to play. The graphics are also much better than in other games, the audio is good but could use some improvement.

Click here TO DOWNLOAD THE COMPLETE GAME FOR FREE! to immediately download this free hidden object computer game!

It has a good story line for a free eye spy games, objects are CRISPLY drawn so you don't normally have to puzzle over whether the item is a knife or a letter opener, and some variety is provided for wrapping up missions. The game provides a high scoring table for each mission, as well as the entire game, which provides some replay ability.

So, Dr. Chaos has tainted random stuff throughout various locations in the world. Sorta like your typical new hidden object games. There's the Statue of Liberty Control Tower, Hollywood's Secret Lab, and the Coliseum's Weapons Room to name a few. They need to be found and returned back to Interpol's lab for fingerprinting or 'detaining' or something of that nature. Thing is, Interpol's incompetent in that the same rooms must be gone to repeatedly to either get different objects or even some of the same hidden objects in this awesome free eye spy games.

Hidden Expedition Everest is an excellent hidden object game.

Gameplay involves trying to find skillfully hidden objects in each scene from a random list provided, and the objective is to be the first to reach the summit.

Oh yes, the race is definitely on!

Click here to download it now!
In what must be one of the best incentives I've seen so far, instead of racing to find all of the objects required before a countdown timer runs out, in this game you are racing against three other teams.

In each level you will see your progress move along a scale at the bottom, as well as the other teams. As the game says, you do not want to be in last place!

You might expect that in a game like this, you'll be presented with scene after scene of snowscapes - nothing could be further from the truth. As part of the underlying plot, you have to chase all over the world to find various clues needed to... oh wait, I won't spoil it for you!

Like Titanic, there are also five jewels hidden in each scene and collecting 5 jewels will give you one extra hint that you can use in that level.

The hint system itself is one of the better ones I've seen. For one thing, you get to choose which item you want help with, and rather than highlight the object directly, it circles the area where it can be found.

One of the 'cool' (pun intended) features is the ability to unlock a video if you finish a level in first place. These are from Ed Viesturs real life climbing expeditions in the himalayas. The scenes themselves have some minor animations as well.

The ambient sounds are good and the music is quite suitable for the game, and not too annoying (though the sound played when you've found an object gets close after a while).

The between level puzzles are some of the hardest I've played, especially some of the jigsaw type puzzles (eg, the map!). There are also games where you need to find 20 objects of a particular type in a level while competing against the other teams.

It's a great game - get it!

I guess I've fallen back into my old routine of trying the same genre of hidden object games that I like. Eye spy games are by far my most favorites.

Click here to download it now!!!

Now that I've gotten back into my old routine, it's time to get back to my usual synopsis of how this eye spy game is.

If you liked Mysteryville 1 & 2, Mystery Case Files 1 & 2 & 3 then you'll like this.

The storyline is different and there's the usual of finding a certain amount of items and silhouetted items, and those good ol' 'in-between' puzzles.

Now, after reading the conversations in order to get a general idea of where the game was going, I found myself skipping a lot of it. Why? Because there's a lot of grammatical errors which makes me wonder if this was a foreign game translated to English.

The one thing that's completely different to me is when you finish finding the hidden objects, you have to find more objects in the same room until that task is complete.
Kind of a no-no for me because once I find where the objects are and have to find more, it gets easier after that because you're still in the same room.

If I had to get rid of some things about this game, I would get rid of a lot of dialogue. That so-called pirate music which plays over and over, and the fact that you stay in one room until the whole task is done.

Would I recommend this game? Well, yeah because any hidden object games lovers can't pass up a eye spy game like these.

Seems like time-management games slowly increase the area of their application - from restaurant business they move to beauty industry. So, as we follow them from the crowded and stuffy diners into shiny high-class boutiques, hair dressing salons, and clothes stores, we're meeting a new time-management game

Click here to DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

Welcome to Sally's Salon - one of the pioneer hair dressing salons that experiment in time-management area.

I am not saying it's the first because the pioneer game from the beauty industry based on the time-management principle is Belle's Beauty Boutique. Frankly, Sally's Salon is much alike the latter title, at least in terms of goals you are to achieve.

In Sally's Salon, you are to make all of your customers of different age, gender and social status beautiful. You are to take care of their hair, dye and dry it, cut it, reshape their eyebrows, make manicure and do everything to keep them satisfied in any possible way.

When I first saw the description, I thought it's going to be one of those diner dash type games, when I saw the screenshots, I knew for sure it's built on the Diner Dash theme, and since I am a big fan of games like Cake Mania and Diner Dash (the most recent, Turbo Pizza), I downloaded Sally's Salon. But I when I actually played the game itself, my view was totally changed, it is completely awesome, with cute graphics and interactive actions, and by interactive, I actually mean interactive. I really never thought that in these type of games, we can modify the outcome, in this game, it's selecting Hairstyles.

The gameplay is really tremendous, I really laughed when the Oldie Aunt asked for a Pink dye, graphics are beautifully done, sound is just the right level for a theme like this, and overall, The game is completely awesome. Recommended just for anyone with a liking to fast-clicking action... (I'm gonna buy it just now)


Elegant and classy freegamedownloads

If you are looking for something other than a fast paced & frequently violent action game, then look no further than Dream Day Wedding. Grab it here now!

This game follows the highly successful hidden object ('eye spy') game formula we first saw in the Mystery Case Files series, Hidden Expedition Titanic and Travelogue 360 Paris (All Reviewed below on this site with free games download links too!). These are games all the family can play, and I often have my daughter playing alongside me helping me find the items on my list.

In Dream Day Wedding, the story takes you through a dozen regular locations, three 'wedding crisis' variations of these, as well as a bonus 'honeymoon' location if you qualify. There are the usual between level concentration style match games, as well as an amusing storyline of how the couple met and developed their relationship which unfolds differently based on your choices.

The soundtrack for this game is a marvellously appropriate selection of easy listening classical music including the wedding favourites; Pachelbel's "Canon in D Minor", and Bach's "Air on a G String".

Gameplay is smooth, and you can play either with the timer on, or in untimed mode. Visually the game is excellent as well, with the wedding theme consistent throughout, even to the locations such as the caterer, salon, dance studio, florist, (and so on).

Like all of these types of games, the enjoyment is in the simple gameplay. I can pick up one of these games and play for 10 minutes, or an hour.. and come back to it a week or a month later and pick up where I left off (something you can't do so easily with an RPG or strategy game).

Replayability depends on your memory, and how often you play. There are so many objects on each level that are randomly selected for the list, that it would take quite some time to memorise all of them. But beating your previous game time completion speed is part of the fun.

In summary; an elegant and classy game that the whole family can enjoy!

Help a young baker show big bad business who's boss in this fast-paced treat! When the retail behemoth "Mega-Mart" moves in, Jill's beloved family bakery is forced to close. But she's determined to get the business back on its feet with delicious sweets. Help Jill open her own bakery, bring in customers, and earn enough money to re-open her grandparents' bakery! With 48 levels and four different bakeries, Cake Mania is full of mouth-watering freegamedownloads fun. Let's get cookin'! If you liked Diner Dash 1 & 2, and Snowy Lunch Rush I assure that you will like this game. It is very good and i was impressed. Click here FOR THIS ADDICTING FREE GAME DOWNLOAD NOW!!

Highly addictive...

I was so caught up in playing this game. It's really addicting.. I sort of took this game seriously... cause I was so addicted to it!! It's really fun.. You'll never get bored with this game... I love the graphics!! It's so cute without being irritating. Truly a game for all ages... Adults can really find this challenging freegamedownloads...Don't be fooled with it's graphics looking like a kid's game.. it's really more than that.I suggest that you get yourself a copy and clear your day's schedule cause you ain't goin nowhere once you start playing this game...


The cupcake oven is an important addition to your bakery as it keeps your customers happy while they are waiting in line. It's important to know who to keep happy as this will lead to the maximum profits freegamedownloads.

The businessman tips $25 when he is fully satisfied while the bride, Santa and the old ladies tip $10. All the rest of your customers will tip only $5 when they are fully satisfied, so if your cupcake supply is limited, go for the businessman first to maximize his hearts.

Also, kids get the most happiness from cupcakes, so one cupcake will fill their hearts completely!

Happy baking!

Build your potion empire on your way to making a fortune! Buy supplies and upgrades to create and sell magic potions in many different enchanted lands. Use your earnings to try different marketing techniques, like junk mail, brainwashing and the ever-popular endless infomercial, to help increase sales. Defeat your competitors through superior store management and overall customer satisfaction! It's supply and demand, fairytale style, with Fairy Godmother Tycoon!

The best tycoon ever.

Did you like Lemonade tycoon? Coffee tycoon? Well this game is like an all-in-one tycoon. I started playing and I just can't stop. Click here to

f you think that it is just another Tycoon game like Lemonade Tycoon, that's where you are wrong! Fairy Godmother Tycoon allows you to challenge your competitions.

Granting wishes, ha! That's for the publicity. The REAL fairy godmother's motive is to earn money. But her potion-making stores are having troubles with her other competitions. In comes YOU, who will help her against the Mad Bulls, Goldilocks and the three bears, and more.

Upgrades are very creative and interesting as they help you to climb up the potion-making industry. Prepare yourself to help some of the 'unfortunate' people of the Fairy Tale Land like Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, and fend yourself from the likes of Jack and Jill, and that nasty evil assistant.

Change The Title Of the Game

The title of this game should be changed, and immediately, from the "Fairy Godmother Tycoon" to "The Best Tycoon Ever Made". I say this with no exaggeration.

I was lured by the previous interviews and the astounding screenshots to download the game. And oh, boy .. Thank God that I did!! I started playing this game somewhere at 2:00; the second time I glanced at the clock, it was 5:00 already. How did those 3 hours vanish so fast, is a question I fail to answer.

The game may be a little overwhelming at first, that's why I would recommend new users to read the "Help" website (you can reach this once you install the game). This may take a while due to the astonishing options and features the game withhold, but you will not regret it afterwards.

The story line is one of a kind, perhaps, the best I had ever seen. Basically, you try to help the "Godmother", who requests your help as competitors had knocked her potion business down. You will start in a relaxing village--The TutorialVillage-- with no compitetors to challenge. As you progess through the game, you will move to other villages, facing shrewd competitors waiting to savage your empire.

The options of the game are many! You can set prices, buy ingredients, manage your advertisment, research new potions, buy upgrades (which are as best as best can get), hire helpers to persuade costumers to buy from you, hire spys to spy on your competitors, and many more things not mentioned here!

Graphics, sounds, and gameplay are all 10/10. Overall, the game is flawless.

Tycooners...this is your lucky day!

The fabulous lands of Caesar open their gates in front of you in this new puzzle game: Cradle of Rome! You are given the chance to build Ancient Rome, the most legendary city of all time! Play and conquer more than 100 addictive and intuitively designed levels, collecting and unlocking 8 original bonuses and many surprise features along the way. As you play more and earn enough money and supplies to buy larger buildings, you'll see your city grow into a vast and magnificent center of life, the heart of the antiquity!
Grab this beauty of an puzzle game here to try for free click here to download now!

*** What a m a g n i f i c a n t game!

Yes, it is a match 3 type game, but nothing like the rest.
You are slowly re-building the ancient city of Rome, as you progress through the levels.
Each building you buy, gives you a new power up, and source for either food, gold, wood, etc, as each building requires a certain amount of each for purchase.

It's not an easy game either, it's a definite challenge, with around 100 levels of addicting game-play, and you are on a clock, the faster you finish, the bigger the bonus!

Once you've reached Emperor status, [from Peasant, Merchant etc] and completed re-building Rome, you are given the chance to visit Olympus, hence, giving you several more levels to complete, and here is where it gets harder.
If you lose all of your lives during these levels, you will need to start off at the last Era [there are five Era's eg: Epoch] and re-purchase everything from that Era all over again.

It's challenging, fun, and very rewarding once you've completed it.

Great graphics, brilliant sound, I thought the sound went very well with the whole Roman theme, and excellent game-play.
The different power-ups keep it from seeming/being repetitive, as some of these games from this genre tend to get, but this one tops them all.

Worth every cent!
Big thumbs up and a Hail Caesar!

Set sail for an action-puzzle adventure that's full of cannon-blasting fun! Grab and shoot all the explosive cannonballs in your path before Sharksword and his pirates sink your ship! Collect all the dazzling treasures of the oceans, and meet a zany cast of characters on this colorful swashbuckler's quest. Featuring crazy power-ups, amazing 3D environments, and 100 levels of puzzling challenges, Cannon Blast is an explosive adventure for the entire family! If you are a fan of Luxor, or maybe Tumble bugs, and even Zuma, then you will love this game!
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This is the great sequel like to the original Virtual Villagers game, which is quite similar. Continue the epic story of the castaways of Isola in Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children! Guide your tribe as they rescue a group of lost children and help them survive new adventures. Lead your villagers as they solve all new puzzles and the hidden mysteries of the western shores of the island. Raise children who resemble their parents and uncover new surprises every time you play! The next thrilling episode is about to begin! Will your tribe survive? Care for and nurture a tribe of little people by teaching them the basics of survival. Freegamedownloads Fleeing from a volcano eruption, your little villagers find themselves stranded on a mysterious new island. They need to become farmers, builders, scientists and parents as they make decisions about unpredictable 'island events'! Help them explore and restore their new home. As your village grows and prospers, your villagers become curious about their mysterious new island home and the secrets it holds. How will you lead your tribe?

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Don't read these unless you want to know EXACTLY how to solve each of the puzzles. 1st in the series...click to DOWNLOAD here. But if you are looking for more games, read past this entry for more unique great games not involving villagers...

Puzzle 1 involves building a fire in the fire pit. Drag one of your villagers to the pile of dry wood in the southwest part of the village to gather firewood. After the wood is placed in the fire pit, take a villager to the very dry grass that can be found to the west of the coconut trees. Once the firewood and dry grass have been placed in the fire pit, drag a villager there to light the fire. You will need to replenish the firewood periodically to keep the fire from going out.

Puzzle 2 freegamesdownload is the construction of a dam that will divert water from the stream to an area that can be used for farming. After you purchase Level 2 of Engineering Tech, drag a villager to the rocks that are in the middle of the lower portion of the stream. You will see a message, "He/she could probably build a dam here."

Puzzle 3 is a scarecrow that an adept farmer free can construct in order to protect the crops from the birds. Drag an adept or master farmer to the twisted pieces of wood and vines that are located in the northern portion of the village freegamedownload. The scarecrow requires two trips to complete, so make sure that you finish the construction, or your crops will not be protected.

Puzzle 4 is the fashioning of special cutting tools that will be needed to cut away vegetation in some parts of the village. After purchasing Level 2 of Exploration Tech, drag a master scientist to the northern part of the village where he will see something among the rocks near the twisted pieces of wood and vines. Your scientist will need to make a second trip to finish the tools, so take him to the twisted wood and vines to get the necessary materials freegamesdownload.

Puzzle 5 is completed when your villagers learn mastery of six special plants located in various parts of the village. Drag a villager to each of them and watch for the message that each has been mastered. The plants are (beginning in the northwest part of the village and moving clockwise): the odd-looking plant immediately to the left of the very dry grass, the freegamedownload blue flower between the thorns and the rocks, the small lavender flower at the northern edge of the graveyard, the black flowers near the waterfall, the bright reddish flowers south of the dam site, and the large orange-red flower at the south edge of the village.

Puzzle 6 is completed when you have sufficiently trained a villager to become master in three skills. That villager will become an Esteemed Elder, and a totem will be created to commemorate their new status in the village.

Puzzle 7 is the elimination of the algae in the ocean that was caused by over fishing. After purchasing Level 3 of Farming Tech freegamedownload, take a master farmer or master scientist to the pond, where they will collect algae-eating fish that they can use to repopulate the ocean. Once sufficient fish have been placed in the ocean, the algae will once again be under control and the villagers will have unrestricted fishing.

Puzzle 8 is the removal of the vines that cover the wall on the east side of the village. After you purchase Level 3 of Culture Tech and have completed Puzzle 4, drag a villager to the vine-covered wall and they will begin cutting away the vines.

Puzzle 9 is the ability to make various stews for your villagers. To make stew, you will need to have purchased Level 2 of Exploration Tech, retrieved the cauldron from the wood pile, mastered at least one of the special plants, and started a fire in the fire pit. The steps to make a stew are: 1) Drop a villager on the cauldron to put the cauldron on the fire 2) Drop a villager on the cauldron again, freegamedownload and he or she will go get water for the stew 3) Drop a villager on any of the mastered plants, and the villager will gather herbs for the stew. Each stew requires a total of 3 herbs, in any combination. 4) Drop a villager on the cauldron again, and he or she will go get food to add to the stew. When the stew is complete, the villager will move the cauldron off the fire. Some stews are good, some are bad, and some make your villagers do interesting things. Experiment and have fun with them. You can also find different "recipe books" freegamesdownload that have been created for the game that contain all of the stew combinations.

Puzzle 10 requires Level 3 of both Engineering Tech and Exploration Tech. Drag a villager to the ancient covered floor in the southeast part of the village and they will begin uncovering the site.

Puzzle 11 is the construction of a hospital. After you purchase both Level 3 of Engineering Tech and Medicine Tech, a freegamedownloads foundation will appear that your villagers can work on.

Puzzle 12 is the construction of a sewing hut, which will allow you to change the clothing that your villagers are wearing. After you purchase Level 2 of Culture Tech, a foundation will appear that your villagers can work on.

Puzzles 13-16 are the pieces of the Gong of Wonder. The four pieces can be retrieved in the following ways:

* freegamedownloads A team of 3 Master Builders can open the crate on the beach, where one of the pieces has been hidden.
* After purchasing Level 2 of Exploration, your villagers can clear the thorns blocking access to the gong encasement, which will also reveal a piece of the gong.
* Prepare a magic stew that will allow one of your villagers to dive for the sunken gong piece in the pond. The herbs needed for that magic stew are: one of the black flower near the waterfall and two of the red-orange flower on the south side of the village. The pictures of the required herbs can be seen in the drawings on the wall once the vines have been removed.
* After finishing Puzzles 6 and 10, freegamesdownload drop a totem in the center of the uncovered mosaic to reveal a piece of the gong. Once the gong is assembled you can experiment with the effects that it has on your village. You can bang the gong once every 24 hours.

The Stew
In order to make stews, you must first recover the cauldron from the wood pile in the southwest. It will appear after you purchase Level Two Exploration. With the fire burning and the cauldron next to it, drop a villager on the cauldron three times. Once each to put it on the fire, fill it with water and add food. freegamedownloads Then, drop a villager on any of the herbs you have mastered adding a total of three to the mix in any combination (you can use multiples of the same herb).

1. The green plant in the upper left hanging over the wall of stones.

2. The blue flower at the top center just to the right of the cave.

3. The lavender daisy at the far top-right above the sacred area.

4. The black chain of flowers just above the waterfall on the east.

5. The bright red flowers southeast of the dam freegamedownload.

6. The large orange flower to the south of the village.

Of course, different selections of herbs will have different results. Keep track of the ingredients in all the stews you make. You want to avoid duplication and don't want to recreate a bad stew (it can make your villagers sick). If you treat your villagers to the best, they will stay healthy and remain happy.

Here are some recipes free-game-downloads to get you started. The numbers for each herb correspond to the herbs as listed and identified under Herb Mastery.

1 2 6 = Your villager feels healthier after eating.
1 5 6 = This stew gave your villager a burst of energy.
2 3 4 = This spicy stew clears your villager's nose and throat.
3 5 6 = This stew gives off a very sweet smell.
4 5 6 = Your villager feels healthier.
4 6 6 = Strange stew...your villager feels no need to breathe.

**** If you are a fan of The Sims freegamedownloads, and the television show "Lost" then this is the game for you. In the hour that I played it, I fell in love with it! It is definitely a game that would be worth the price of the full version to buy! ****************

*** Okay, just like the last Virtual Villager game, alot of people wrote me in on how to solve the puzzles, walkthru, hints, tips, tricks for Virtual Villagers 2 Lost Children. Here is the run down:


The following is a list of solutions to the game's puzzles, 16 in all. So, don't read further unless you need help solving them. You've been warned!

Most of the game's puzzles are dependent on a mixture of technology and villager skills. Plus, some puzzles need to be completed before you can accomplish others. Also, don't be fooled into thinking that they're completed in the order displayed, as that's not necessarily the case.

The free-games-download first puzzle to be solved is starting a fire. Drop a villager on the wood pile in the southwest corner of the island and they will carry wood to the fire pit in the center. Then, take them to the pink flowers west of the coconut trees to collect some dried grass. Once the wood and grass are in place, drop them onto the fire pit and they will start a fire. Make sure to add wood occasionally to keep the fire from going out.

The Dam
Once you reach Level Two Engineering, drop a builder on the rocks just above the pool of water in the southeast corner of the island. They will construct a dam to irrigate the fields to the immediate left freegamedownloads so that crops can be planted. This will also uncover an ancient mosaic on the ground, the site of a later puzzle.

The Scarecrow
This puzzle requires the completion of the dam above. Once you plant your crops, you need a scarecrow to keep the parrots away. Drop an Adept-level (or better) farmer on the twisted pieces of wood and vine just below the rock pile in the north center of the map. You'll need to do this twice.

The Cutting Tool
You need a cutting tool to clear the vegetation that covers the entrance to the cave in the north and the vine wall to the east freegamesdownload. After you acquire Level Two Exploration, drop a Master Scientist on the sharp stones just above and to the right of the twisted pieces of wood and vine used for the scarecrow. When he's done, take him back for a second trip for the wood and vines necessary to finish the tool.

Herb Mastery
This puzzle is easy to complete early in the game. Six herbs are located around the edges of the map. Each one will be identified as a "strange plant" when a villager is held over it. Have a healer examine each one of them until they master it to complete this puzzle. The location of each herb is as follows freegamedownload:

1. The green plant in the upper left hanging over the wall of stones.
2. The blue flower at the top center just to the right of the cave.
3. The lavender daisy at the far top-right above the sacred area.
4. The black chain of flowers just above the waterfall on the east.
5. The bright red flowers southeast of the dam.
6. The large orange flower to the south of the village.

The Elder Totem
Once you have a villager who has freegamedownload mastered three skills, they become an Esteemed Elder. When this happens, a totem is created and placed in your village in their honor. It can be moved anywhere you like.

Sustainable Fishing
When the ocean to the west is over-fished, it develops algae. To eliminate the problem and restore fishing, special algae-eating fish must be transported from the pond to the ocean. This requires Level Three Farming and a Master Farmer or Master Scientist. Take them to the pond and drop them in. Once enough algae-eating fish are transported to the ocean, the algae will clear.

The Vine Wall
Along the east wall are a number of vines that conceal some strange markings. To uncover these, you must first complete the cutting tool and purchase Level Three Culture. Drag a villager to the wall and release them. They will use the cutting tool to remove the vegetation.

The Stew
In order to make stews, you must first recover the cauldron from the wood pile in the southwest. It will appear after you purchase Level Two Exploration. With the fire burning and the cauldron next to it, drop a villager on the cauldron three times. Once each to put it on the fire, fill it with water and add food. Then, drop a villager on any of the herbs you have mastered adding a total of three to the mix in any combination (you can use multiples of the same herb).

Of course, different selections of herbs will have different results. Keep track of the ingredients in all the stews you make. You want to avoid duplication and don't want to recreate a bad stew (it can make your villagers sick). If you treat your villagers to the best, they will stay healthy and remain happy.

Here are some recipes to get you started. The numbers for each herb correspond to the herbs as listed and identified under Herb Mastery.

1+2+6 = Your villager feels healthier after eating.
1+5+6 = This stew gave your villager a burst of energy.
2+3+4 = This spicy stew clears your villager's nose and throat.
3+5+6 = This stew gives off a very sweet smell.
4+5+6 = Your villager feels healthier.
4+6+6 = Strange stew...your villager feels no need to breathe.

The Ancient Ruins
Once you've completed the dam and reached Level Three Engineering and Exploration, you can drag a villager to the ancient ruins in the southeast corner of the map and they will start uncovering the site.

The Hospital
Obtain Level Three Engineering and Medicine, and a foundation will appear in the south central portion of the map. This lets your villagers build a hospital.

The Sewing Hut
Once you reach Level Two Culture, a foundation become visible for a sewing hut just east of the wood pile in the southwest corner of Isola. This allows your villagers to change clothing, but at a cost of 5,000 tech points each. Ouch! Where's Thurston Howell III when you need him?

The Sunken Gong Piece
One piece of the gong is located in the pool on the eastern edge of the village. This sunken gong piece is obtained by making a special magic stew consisting of one of the black flowers near the waterfall and two of the large orange flowers to the south of the village (herbs 4+6+6 as indicated above). Have a villager eat the stew, and then drop them in the pool.

The Inlaid Gong Piece
Once one of your villagers has become an Esteemed Elder and been honored with a totem and after you've completed the ancient ruins puzzle, drop a totem on the mosaic in the center of the ruins to retrieve another piece of the gong.

The Boxed Gong Piece
This piece of the gong is inside the crate on the beach to the west. Three Master Builders working together are needed to open it.

The Overgrown Gong Piece
After you purchase Exploration Level Two and complete the cutting tool, your villagers can clear away the vegetation blocking the cave to the north (the Gong Encasement). Doing so reveals a piece of the gong.

If you have ever played Mystery Case Files then you will feel right at home with this game, The same principle applies as Mystery Case Files: You have a list of items in which you have to find all of them in order to advance freegamedownloads. The difference is of course you are on the Titanic and you have to make sure that your oxygen does not run out. This is a great game and I recommend that you all try it out thiz freegamedownload.

Titanic - Hidden Pleasures

This game rocks, putting it simply.
Don't compare it too much to the Mystery Case Files series, it's NOT the same game folks!

This game is a lot shorter, you also need to find hidden oxygen bottles every now and then, and the graphics are similar to it's Developers former games, but it's quite unique, as you are presented with quite a few historical facts reguarding the Titanic.

You are assigned to dive down and explore the wreckage at freegamesdownload of the in-famous Titanic. Each dive takes you to a different room where you collect clues, whilst being timed, until you surface and start the next dive.
If you should run out of time, or air, you will need to start that dive again.
There are about 17 diving missions all up.

There are a different amount of dives per stage, and each ends with a different puzzle to solve, be it a jigsaw, or matching a shape against an object in the room alainside this free games download.

The sound, graphics and gameplay are no less than what you would expect from these brilliant Developers.

Great game, highly recommended! Get this free game download here

Enter the rough and tumble world of Westward, where gold is there for the taking and bandits lurk around every turn. Control the fortunes of three vastly different towns as they rise from the dust of the frontier and grow into thriving boomtowns. Brave the dangers of the West and explore uncharted plains, dense forests and rocky canyons as you guide your settlers to safety and success at this free-games-download. Stake your claim with a cast of hundreds, stunningly original graphics, hilarious dialogue and endless possibilities! This freegamedownloads is similar and like Virtual Villagers. If you liked Virtual Villagers 2 or the first one, then you will love this freegamedownload.

Hillarious & Addictive Free Games Download! Westward like Virtual Villagers.

I instantly bought this freegamesdownload when I realized this was a Sim City like or Virtual Villager game combined with some slight RPG (role playing game). I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed this game. The dialouge was hillarious and even got my husband (who is really hard to get a chuckle out of) to chuckle once or twice just while sitting next to me and reading his book. The insinuations, jokes (one which I've been guilty of cracking myself on ocassion), and silly characters made the game just that much more enjoyable. The challenges are non-stop. There was even some puzzles to complete & bonus levels too! Just when you get your town established, you are wooshed away right into another quest/task that requires you to save the day (or town)! It appeals to both men and women, as you have posse's of men, and even one instance where the women get together secretly and save the day because they feel the men are too dang slow freegamedownloads. As you discover new towns to save, you also discover new buildings to build, ways to grow food, and more! The only thing I disliked was not being able to heal my men after a battle - but then I gather it's just more challenging anyway. I completely FINISHED this freegamesdownload, and it was cute right to the end of jailing the mad russian. The "Final Showdown" was just a teary end to a wonderful freegamedownload. My husband said I looked like my dog just run away when I saw the credits pop up and realized I had finished the entire game. I do wish that there was a freeplay mode though. I would have really liked to be able to just run my town as it is just to see how big I could get it freegamedownloads. Although collaspe of the town is inevitable because you eventually run out of resources to use and support your town - it still would have been nice to play around with it. All in all, the game was non-stop fun, funny, challenging & addictive. I only hope there will be a Westward 2 so that I may jump back in the saddle and go save the day again! Excellent game, excellent fun ... what more could you ask for in this freegamesdownloads!?

Download the PC game -

free games download
Kudos is an extremely addictive freegamesdownloads that allows you to create and control your character's entire life! You decide where they work, who they hang out with, and what they do to relax and grow their abilities. Do you want to be an astute athletic brainiac doctor? Or a carefree saxophone playing taxi cab driver? Would you rather go shopping, or sit on the couch and watch TV? Socialize with your friends, or play with your dog? Study self-help books, or read the tabloids? It's your call in Kudos, a game like no other! Click here to download the pc game for free

EDIT: I've been trying to figure out why this game is so addictive. It certainly isn't the graphics or the interplay (which reminds me of the games I first started playing on the computer back in the late 70s/early 80s)freegamesdownloads. In short, you begin your Kudos life as a 20 year old server, making chicken feed. Through your choices involving work, additional education, and relaxation, you try to improve your lot. You can shop with your hard-earned wages or hang out with your friends, but every action may have a reaction. Inviting your friends to a museum might alienate the sports fanatics among them. Alienate or ignore them enough and you could end up friendless. Furthering your education could help you get a better job, but with that comes additional stress and fatigue. Events such as break-ins, muggings and promotions come (some randomly) and how you deal with it is totally up to you ala freegamesdownload.

As Sim games go, this is a watered down, illegitimate cousin free pc game of The Sims, but none-the-less intriguing in its own right. It's your choices that define your character's life. There is no win or lose freegamesdownloads. Gameplay has the easy, normal and difficult settings as well as an option for same-sex attractions, yet most of the control is with the randomness of the game. You cannot initiate asking someone for a date until they ask if you'd like to go out on a date. You cannot call in sick (though if you're sick, you don't work) and apparently cannot lose your job once you have it. I'm not sure what happens if you don't feed your dog or cat (should you purchase one), but the game hints they could die of your neglect.

I'm sure if there is a sequel, more control will be given to the player. Such an old fashioned game shouldn't be so addictive, but Kudos is. No special effects, but lots of decisions. Life is what you make of it, afterall. Kudos!

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Super Granny is back, and she's ready to rumble. While on a well-deserved vacation, Granny's kitties are abducted. Run, dig, climb, swing, float and tumble through 5 worlds and over 170 levels, as you rescue Granny's missing cats and outwit the minions of the nefarious Dr. Meow. With a built-in level editor you can create your own adventures for hours and hours of additional fun!


Grandma saving her kitties...can you think of anything cutier? Granny spits out cute phrases all the while as you play, and the graphics are much cooler than the original granny, or Panda Craze/Gold. Full of excitement and tons of levels. While Granny is out and about, you cannot skip levels which to me, is a downside if you get stuck. Go Granny In Paradise!! You'll laugh out loud! "I don't think Fluffy is going to Like you..."-Granny Click here for this
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Tik-Ling is trying to make it home to her Bamboo Forest, but the evil Zoo Keepers keep trying to capture her at this freegamesdownload. Your job is to help her escape! Quick reflexes, creative thinking, and a sharp wit are essential to navigating the pitfalls and perils in this addictive game! Play through more than 150 imaginative levels, or create some of your own! There are hours of non-stop fun with a challenge for everyone! Try Panda Craze today! This freegamedownload similar to Super Granny, it plays just like that game!

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Big Kahuna Reef 2 is a solid playable puzzle game. Though it has many aspects similar to other free games download such as Bejeweled, Hexic, and puzzle games of that sort, it features originality, and is fun to play. However, I must say, this game is a bit overrated, every review I've seen has given it near perfect, if not perfect marks. It IS really a good game, but it also has its downsides.

Go Hawaiian all over again with this free game download Big Kahuna Reef 2: Chain Reaction! This spectacular and explosively charged match-game of adventure will captivate you as you dive with Humpback Whales, discovering new and exotic fish at every turn with this downloadable free pc game. Creative designers from around the world deliver over 750 delightful and fantastical levels! With its breathtaking effects, dynamic explosions and thousands of new levels to download online, what are you waiting for? Come back to an underwater paradise in this puzzle game! Free over at this link: ABSOLUTELY FREE GAME DOWNLOAD! CLICK HERE

IF YOU LOVE PARIS (you ever been or wanted to visit) or love the Mystery Case Files games then:

Travelogue 360: Paris - then is the free game download for you!

Among its renowned landmarks and hidden gems waiting to be discovered, Paris holds something new for each of its visitors. Scour some of the world's most famous locations for souvenirs in this freegamedownloads as you prepare to be interviewed for an upcoming article in Travelogue 360 magazine! This amazing graphics free game download has you to locate items hidden in 3-Dimensional views of the Eiffel Tower, down the Champs Elysees, under the Arc d'Triomphe, and other Parisian landmarks! Can you believe this all in a free game download? There are 22 eye-catching locales in all as well as fun facts and mini-games galore!

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It's a story of adventure, love and betrayal! Join Professor Pack on the ultimate jewel matching quest across the world's richest continent! Rearrange precious relics to turn tiles into gold as you advance through relentlessly challenging puzzles. The wilds of the safari, the history of the Zimbabwe ruins and the majesty of Victoria Falls await your discovery as you play through 180 impressive levels! Follow the story in Quest Mode or match skills against others in Tournament Mode! The adventure is up to you!

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This fantastic free game download is a real time strategy game based around simulated little villagers. Care for and nurture a tribe of little people by teaching them the basics of survival. Fleeing from a volcano eruption, your little villagers find themselves stranded on a mysterious new island (believe me, much more scenarios then this in this free game download). They need to become farmers, builders, scientists and parents as they make decisions about unpredictable 'island events'! Help them explore and restore their new home. As your village grows and prospers, your villagers become curious about their mysterious new island home and the secrets it holds. How will you lead your tribe? Get this demo of this awesome free games download

Virtual Villagers Hints Walk thru Tricks Cheats

Ok I have tons of people looking for tips and tricks related to the Virtual Villagers freegamesdownload There are a few pieces of advice and some general instructions to help you through some of the more complicated aspects of the game. From basic common sense like making sure your villagers have enough food and shelter, to walk-thrus for all 16 puzzles in the game, I've compiled a list of tips and tricks that should help you win the game.

Find More Food - Berries run out quickly so be sure to find a new source of food as soon as possible.

Stay at Home Moms- Nursing mothers focus all their attention on the baby for two years of game time. They won't do any other tasks while caring for the baby.

Population Control - Each baby villager consumes as much food as an adult. Too many babies too quickly will dwindle the food supply, so take care in growing the village population. Also, if there aren't enough houses, the villagers won't have more babies, so by planning carefully when building houses, you can avoid growing the population beyond the food supply.

Doctor, Doctor - Sick villagers don't always respond to the village doctor. If you're not having success in treating a villager with one doctor, try sending them to a different doctor for better treatment.

Watch the Villagers - Observe the villagers to see what they are investigating as you take them exploring around the island. Often the villagers are providing clues to help you solve puzzles later in the game.

Worker Education - Villagers don't discover new work skills on their own. You need to walk each villager through the process of learning how to perform a task in order to be successful. For instance, if you need someone to learn building, have them repair one of the existing buildings in the village.

Solving Puzzles - The 16 puzzles require a combination of skills in order to solve. You'll need a certain level of village technology, villager work skills, and in some other puzzles completed prior to completing another puzzle. Below is a list of tips on solving each of the puzzles - don't keep reading if you want them to be a surprise.

Puzzle #1 - Get a builder to clean the well. This is the village water supply. Get a villager with building skill, drag them to the well and let them fix it.

Puzzle #2 - Build a new hut. Population is maxed out at 7 until you build a new hut. A villager trained in building is required to build new huts.

Puzzle #3 - Clean up the beach debris. You need to clean up the debris so the villagers can fish. Drag a villager to the debris and it will start cleaning.

Puzzle #4 - Starting a village school. You need a master scientist. Drag them to the long building north of the reasearch table to start a school.

Puzzle #5 - Remove the blockage of the creek in the northwest corner of the village. Villagers need level 2 in construction to work on this. Drag a villager to the rock pile blocking the water flow from the creek. When the blockage is cleared, water will flow to the lagoon. This puzzle is the key to solving three more puzzles.

Puzzle #6 - You need to complete puzzle #5 first and have a villager with level 3 harvesting. Take a master farmer to the lagoon and they will start hunting fish. This may take awhile.

Puzzle #7 - Discover the graveyard (requires Level 2 of Spirituality). When a villagers dies, drag an adult villager to the northeast corner of the island. The villagers will provide a proper burial the pile of bones in village center. After this first burial, villagers will automatically have burial ceremonies for any deceased villager.

Puzzle #8 - Discover the medicinal properties of 4 plants. One plant is the cactus near the boulder, one plant is near the lagoon, two are on the east side of the island. Drag a villager to each plant until all four are mastered.

Puzzle #9 - You need to complete puzzle #5 first. Drag a villager to the field on the east side of the island (where the dead flowers are). They will water the field with water from the lagoon. Make sure to use a villager with building skill so that the watering continues until the flowers bloom.

Puzzle #10 - Solve puzzle #14 first. Wait for the butterflies to follow the golden child, then drag the golden child to the strange plant north of the berry bush where the butterflies will pollinate the plant.

Puzzle #11 - Restore the temple at the ruins (requires Level 3 of Construction). Drag a villager to the ruins in the southeast of the island and they will begin restoring the ruins.

Puzzle #12 - Requires puzzle #11 complete and Level 3 Spirituality. Drag a builder to the shiny rock on the west side of the village and they will chisel the rock to create an idol.

Puzzle #13 - the birth of the golden child (requires Level 3 of Fertility) . This requires puzzle #5, puzzle #12. Drag a nursing mom to the lagoon.

Puzzle #14 - Requires puzzle #13. Drag the golden child to the magic flower garden and wait for the butterflies.

Puzzle #15 - Buried treasure (requires Level 3 of Construction and Level 3 of Science). Search the sandy areas on the south part of the island between the food bin and the temple.

Puzzle #16 - Moving the boulder (requires the golden child). This one just happens on its own when the golden child is ready, you can't force it.

Wow. Happy to report the awesome Poker Superstars is new and improved with better AI, graphics and poker realism. Simply a must for all poker game fans. A truly must by freegamedownload. Grab Poker Superstars 2 free game download

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Ravenhearst: Brilliance & Eerie Elegance

I played it non-stop until it was finished.. it is by FAR, the best in the Mystery Case Files series so far, and if you're a fan, you won't be disappointed, if you're not familiar with the series freegamedownloads [Mystery Case Files: Huntsville, Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects] give it a try, I guarantee you will be hooked within minutes.

The graphics, as usual, in the series, are superb, well above and beyond par for most free games downloads, as a lot of them have small animations in them this time around, a really nice touch, giving it a spooky ambiance. The ghostly sound effects are out of this world, and can be a little chilling if you're playing it alone at night. Puzzles, well there are a LOT, these new types are well thought out, challenging, yet do-able, and most of all, BRILLIANT, kudos to the creators for coming up with them. If you are stuck, you are given the chance to skip the puzzle, though the creators have added an extra hint in this one, so now you have five.

I would describe Mystery Case Files Ravenhearst as having an "Eerie Elegance" about itself, and I think you'll understand what I mean when you play it.. as you are filling up the pages of a missing diary, uncovering a mystery/love story gone wrong, on your hunt to find out what really happened to Emma Ravenhearst.

This is a game with true atmosphere. One feature you might like, is you are given the opportunity to play in a relaxed mode, giving you ample time to complete the quest.

Great story, great graphics, great EVERYTHING. I would give this 10 stars if it were possible. The best $20 you will spend,a true high quality free pc game.

I just wonder how the creators will out-do themselves in the 4th installment, as this one is hard to beat.....especially as a free pc game download.

Click here to grab it


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This game, as the others in the Mystery Case Files series, is second ONLY to the latest, Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst.

The graphics are genius, the puzzles are varied and creative, the entire gaming experience is unforgettable.

There are about 20 + suspects to investigate, as you narrow your search down to 5 Prime Suspects, giving you days of gaming pleasure, and no puzzle is ever the same twice, you can restart this game over and over and still be discovering new clues, giving it a brilliant replay-ability factor.

This one is a lot more involved than Mystery Case Files: Huntsville, as this time around, the clues aren't as easy, as you sometimes find yourself in the dark, literally, and have to scour the other locations in search of a battery, to power up your torch to search the darkened locations, challenging, a great touch.

They have definately hit a winner with this series, heads-up for the Developers.
You have created a series that will live on forever, and that will have a following that will always be waiting with baited breath, for your next magnificent release.

PLAY THIS FREE GAME DOWNLOAD - You will thank me in the morning :)

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This absolute gem of a freegamedownload for super sleuths who love watching shows like CSI, Law and Order, or similar solving crime shows.

This fantastic crime-scene whodunit will lure you in and keep you searching for clues for hours on end!

Huntsville is being taken over by criminals from all walks of life and it's up to you to put a stop to it. Can you find all of the clues in the allotted time and put the puzzle pieces together to solve the crime? It takes more than brains...you'll have to have a good memory and a keen eye as well in this freegamedownload!

Mystery Case Files: Huntsville has a very unique game play and a soundtrack like no other. The images are stunning and can lead to some confusion as many of the image clues appear in more than one location! More then a worthwhile freegamedownload!

See if you have what it takes to become a Master Detective...download this game today and start solving!
This game is about 14 megs, so on a cable modem, it should take about 5-10 minutes... be paitent.. it is worth it for a freegamedownload.

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Free Games Download excellent one at that - Jewel of Atlantis is a new and exciting action puzzle which combines match-3 mechanics with breakout-style mayhem. In this game, you explore a just uncovered ancient continent in search of valuable treasures and relics. There is a huge map available for your exploration with over 100 mysterious levels and a number of various roads and pathways to travel. Sink below the deep sea to witness exciting adventures in mystical places like a Sacred Temple and a Sunken Volcano! Worthwhile free game download, without a doubt. Click here to download this free game trial now!

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